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Happy Long Weekend!

I decided it is no longer required to have real topics for blog posts because then I get intimidated by my own standards, as if everything has to be comprehensible to the general public. Let's be real, I don't have a general public! Being free from that fact leads me directly to the meat of this post:

We went to see The Great Gatsby and it was AHHHHMAY-ZING. AAgghhhhh! It was SO GOOD. I am a huge Baz Luhrmann & Leo DiCaprio fan, so it's not utter insanity that this is my favorite movie ever and probably will be until the next Baz Luhrmann film.

And I heard-tell there were people who didn't like it...


Get help now, you may be lacking some vital organs. Like a brain. Or a heart.

The only thing better than the movie itself was watching the movie with a giant bag of bulk candy in my lap from Bulk Barn. There are many paths to obesity but I like to think that Bulk Barn is the cheapest. 


> The apartment search for the immediate future has come to an end: our new neighbourhood for the next 3 months will be Parkdale at Queen & Brock. We quickly realized it was pointless to search for an actual apartment seeing as how we lack all basic furnishings, utensils, linens, etc. That led us to the elusive sublet market of Toronto. Conclusion: there are very few sublets in Toronto and most of them are people's shared college apartments / individual rooms. 

> Barbecues.  I feel like the 4 previous summers weren't really summers because they didn't involve a barbecue. There is literally nothing that couldn't be improved with 5 minutes on the BBQ and a splash of hot sauce. 

> Paired with BBQ's, is backyards. Courtyards are wonderful, I am all for courtyards, but backyards are where it is at when it comes to summertime. If you don't have a backyard I send my deepest sympathies because you are leading a sad, inadequate life.

 Bacon & sunshine, all happening outside in your own little pocket of bliss. 

Bacon & sunshine, all happening outside in your own little pocket of bliss. 

> I just heard from my firm that a big project is going ahead and therefore my contract is to be extended. For how long, who knows, all that matters is that I can pay rent for at least 3 months and buy a plane ticket to BC for Nat's wedding. Success at life!

> DENMARK WON EUROVISION! Either hell froze over or that mojito I had was REALLY good, because I was actually cheering for DK without the slightest ill-will or irony. I actually still think that Romania should have won if only for the fact that they've produced a man who can sing opera like a lady while dressed like Dracula and look perfectly serious whilst doing so. Cue compelling video evidence:

As if that's not enough to cheer you up, remember, tomorrow's a holiday! Happy Victoria Day!