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Living in Canada

I’ve lived from coast to coast, Vancouver to Halifax. So far I have to agree that Toronto is indeed the best city in Canada. Sorry, rest of Canada.

Hiking the Bruce Trail: Tiffany Falls, Sherman Falls & Canterbury Falls

When winter feels like it is oppressively forcing you to sit on the couch and watch Game of Thrones, FIGHT BACK. Go visit your very own wall of ice at the ends of the earth - i.e., Dundas Valley Conservation Area.


With ice picks and spiky shoes, you too can conquer the wall!

Park at Tiffany Falls Conservation area, hike to/from Tiffany Falls. Continue across Wilson Street to the Bruce Trail. Follow across Lion's Club Road to Sherman Falls. Keep following the Bruce trail to pass Canterbury falls. You can keep going to loop into Heritage Trail, Main Loop & beyond, but I'd recommend you just get back to Dundas and go drink coffee at the Detour Cafe.