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Living in Canada

I’ve lived from coast to coast, Vancouver to Halifax. So far I have to agree that Toronto is indeed the best city in Canada. Sorry, rest of Canada.

Hiking the Greenbelt: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

I just can't even.

Thanksgiving, autumn colors, dog-sitting & spectacularly warm weather collided on the very same day this year and reminded me yet again of how lucky we are to experience an actual autumn season and not the one-day leaf drop before the pall of winter casts its shadow, like in Alberta.


Alberta, you are a part of me and always will be - but mostly in the way that I'm like 'thank god that's over and I'm no longer obliged to pretend like it's okay to not have seasons.'


Caledon & the Hockley Valley are two places we've tended to travel to when we feel like getting out of the city for a mini-break. We'd never been to Mono Cliffs, though. And wow. It is incredible out there. You couldn't dream up a more scenic series of hikes and views for autumn if you tried. 


The leafs were in full colour and the light - it was that sublime, illuminating, pastoral October light that saturates and warms and clarifies and gilds with gold. This is the kind of light Renaissance painters would have sought to paint if they had known about it. Et in Arcadia, ego.

The images speak for themselves. You can't plan this kind of perfect.