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Calgary Nostalgie Blah Blah

And the price of a memory
is the memory of the sorrow it brings.
Things I Miss About Calgary:

1. Bathtubs. Oh lord, do I miss bathtubs. My old bathroom was about twice the size of my current kitchen, and had a hot-tub jacuzzi bath thing, and a shower you could fit at least 2 wheelchairs in if you wanted to, and 2 sinks (though I was just one person), and yes, this makes me feel slightly guilty for all the excess water and lighting... But I still miss it. 











2. My piano. I miss playing my piano, I miss the way it looked when I came home from school. I miss hearing Jacey play the piano. I miss learning new songs.

Sad story: Dad has my piano, it's relegated to a dark hallway and hasn't been tuned in probably 5 years. One of my step sisters was using it to practice on, but *ahem* wants to sell it to make more space. The joy of stepfamilies. 

3. Point Pleasant Park and walking across Center Street Bridge with Natalie on our way to work downtown. I even kind of miss the stairs of doom we had to walk up every day on our way home. I love this park because it is a dog park, and it's one of the happiest things to watch dogs playing and running around.
4. Signal Hill. I know it's a suburb and therefore evil in many ways, but I always loved this area of Calgary, looking out into the foothills. I worked at Second Cup as a Barista and used to walk home every night on a path through the houses. The area is very safe because it is mainly inhabited by geriatrics. I basically lived in an old folks home, or, shall we say, an apartment for rich retirees?
5. Snow and Marlowe! My big fat hairy dog, who is now so old and deaf that he can't hear you tell him how stinky he is. It's very sad.
6. Going to Banff and hiking in the mountains. There's not much more that needs to be said about this!
Okay, I'm over it.... *sigh*