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The happiest nation on earth: is it too good to be true? Spoiler: yes. An architecture student’s experiences with those crazy Danishes in Copenhagen while studying at the Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole.

Tax. *curses*

Dear friends and family...

When you send me any packages here (and I know as good friends and family, you will!)...

Please remember to mark it clearly as GIFTS.

If they (Danish Authorities) think I am trying to smuggle in cheap, taxless goods from Canada, they will break my knees and smear my white apartment with poop. And then force me to pay the 25% VAT  (damn huffin' tax on every stinkin' thing). Curses.

Just imagine, dear Canadians... in a place where it's already expensive, that they add another quarter of the price onto things!!!!!! Oh, the insanity! 

I could go on about this for ages. In what other country on earth do you know where buying a coffee at starbucks is, on average, like $2 LESS than any other place? Where the average street hot-dog costs $5, and you have to pay extra for a bun? WHERE PASTA IS NO LONGER A CHEAP OPTION???


Anyways. Poop. Think about it.