Future Landscapes


The importance of Layering. And Sunsets.

Being European, Part I.

1. It's important to shop for tights, first thing. If you don't have tights, you can't be in the club. It's all about layering, however. Several layers of varying densities and viscosities being the key to success. Tight vs. loose, etc. I've noticed most Danish girls prefer what look like giant silk sacks with holes for arms and legs, with tights and boots. I'm sticking to a more conventional approach; skirts, dresses, sweaters.

2. Removing the flippy skirt reveals a tight-ish sheath thing, very popular for going under the sacks. Can also be worn on it's own without a skirt.

3. Pulling up the tight-ish sheath thing shows that you can wear the tights as if they are pants. If you feel nervous about the see-throughness of tights, just wear 2 pairs. That's also the key to making your butt look toight.

On matters of Secondary Importance:

Please note the spectacular sunsets we've had lately. Taken from our west-facing balcony (we also have an east-facing balcony. Booyeah.) Praise the J-lord for being on the 6th floor, which is essentially like being in the penthouse.


Going to rhino it up now. Yay learning!