Future Landscapes


Walk in the Woods

On Friday it was really sunny and nice. In fact it was probably the coldest day I've seen in Copenhagen, but that doesn't bother me much since it doesn't come close to the coldest day in Canada. 

We decided to drop whatever plans we had (mine included reading in bed with coffee) and go for a brisk walk in the woods. Where we would find these 'woods', we had no idea. After a quick consultation with the Danish guide book, we were on our way to the train heading north. About 15 minutes from our place (not including the 10 minutes we spent arguing about which train platform to be on, and which train to take), we got off in Klampenborg where there is a large deer park.


And this takes us to a shocking event: WE FOUND FREE COFFEE. We were walking back towards the train station, and along a snowy road there was what looked like a hoogalee cafe/chalet thingy. ['Hoogalee' (hyggeligt) for the uninitiated, meaning 'cozy']. Outside the chalet was a table with a steaming coffee thermos, paper cups, and cream which was developing an unattractive frost. There was a note, which I presume to have said 'dear everyone, please enjoy a delicious steaming cup of coffee on us!' 

So we did. 

My cheeks are frozen like this. Hence the unnatural smile.

In the evening I made lasagna and we had ice cream, and watched Heroes and it was perfect, in a mushy sort of way.