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The happiest nation on earth: is it too good to be true? Spoiler: yes. An architecture student’s experiences with those crazy Danishes in Copenhagen while studying at the Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole.

A Copenhagen Miracle?

So, we looked at an apartment last Sunday. I didn't want to jinx us by talking about it. Yes, I still believe you can jinx things by saying them out loud.

The ad said the apartment would be available Feb. 15, which would be good for us except for the Dreaded Damage Deposit. The 3 months of rent that Copenhagen landlords demand, on top of your first month of rent. Our issue with that was of course that we wouldn't be getting our current deposit back until our lease ends Feb. 28. Coming up with another $4000 on the fly is, well, not easy for us.

After getting a good reference from our landlady, we received an offer for the apartment.... for Feb. 1.


Well, we can't pay double rent in February, that's for sure. Half a month we could have swung, but not a whole month. 

Knowing how brutal and competitive the market is, we talked about our options and decided we'd have to kiss this one goodbye. But, we had nothing to lose by asking if a) he would postpone the offer until Feb. 15; and b) he would wait to receive his damage deposit until we got our old one back. 

Long shots, especially in this market.

But that crazy bastard called me at 9am today and said yes. Well, it was a fair compromise actually--we will pay half a damage deposit and half a month rent, with our move in date Feb. 15. The guy probably got at least 60 people begging for his apartment, so it's no less than a miracle he even considered our requests!

So the apartment:

-48m2 = 517 square feet

-Living room looking onto street, bedroom looking onto courtyard

-Wood floors and high ceilings (it's the top floor of the 5-floor building)

-access to the attic and storage from the kitchen. 

-Gas stove with real oven (!), full size fridge (!) (these are anomalies in 'small' apartments here.. normally you get a dwarf size fridge and a hot plate or stove top, but no oven).

-New windows

-still have to shower over top of the toilet, but that's normal. 

-Located literally around the corner from us, on a street which you will not be able to type if you're not Danish: Ægirsgade

I think what I'm most happy about is the fact that, for a mere $50 extra (each) per month, we get a whole extra room and a real kitchen. We can have guests! We have room to work when one of us is sleeping! We can make cookies! Hurrah!

Say it with me now: HURRAH! HURRAH!

So... We're taking donations for the poor (i.e., us) starting today.