Future Landscapes


Too many blogs >:(

This is what happens when you compartmentalize. You end up with a blog for this, a blog for that, twitter account for TEK 5, Tumblr for design, and then you don't update any of them because you'd feel obliged to update them all. I would just have one big website, but you know, there is some stuff I just don't want to share with my teachers due to the fact that, well, I don't know. It's not like I write anything terribly embarrassing, besides the fact that I forgot how to spell 'terribly.' Oh. Just looked it up and I was right.


Um, well, school is basically my life. So that's what you get to hear about. The weather's been nice at least! I went extreme cute and got gloves with a bow on them... and a green courderoy skirt which is impossible to bike in. So I can join the ranks of those who look like they have squeezed into their children's clothing by mistake while peddling.


Our final assignment for BIM in Tek 5 was even worse than the twitter assignment, if that can be believed. Our instructor brought 9... wait for it... SEGWAYS to school. Say what? Yep, we had a tour guide from Copenhagen Segway Tours and pilot helmets complete with goggles, all in the name of BIMing.


What the heck is BIM, you might ask? The dictionary tells me it stands for Building Information Modelling, and I gather it has something to do with being able to embed all kinds of relevant construction and technical information in one giant 3-D model which can then, with great accuracy, tell you how many windows, doors, and pipes are needed, how they are installed, who the sub-contractor is, etc. It's basically the specs and working drawings and design all in one. What does this have to do with google earth, bricks, twitter, light, and segways? GOOD QUESTION!


But... such is life.


I've moved along with my project, after realizing that while I have a lot of good small ideas, I don't have any uniting concept. And while I detest architects who pull concepts out of thin air just for the sake of having them, I'm kinda jealous all at the same time. It's not easy to come up with an all-encompassing strategy that makes your project make sense. And having a good concept guiding your design really helps to communicate the ideas. If you can sum up your project in one drawing, [oh god, am I actually saying this? Yes Talbot Sweetapple and Bryan McKay Lyons... I am...] If you can sum up your project in one drawing, all the better because everyone will be able to understand it.


Dang me if that didn't hurt like throwing up splintered wood.


Hey, look outside! The sky is really pretty.


Happy sunset October the 12th!