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Protesting is.... kinda stupid.

When you protest something... that's good.


When you go to a protest and forget who you're angry at... that's bad.


watch idiotic students attempting and failing to protest properly here.


It's okay to be upset about something and to show politicians that you are upset (in a peaceful way.)


It is not okay to take it out on the police, whose job is actually not just to beat you with their sticks, but to make sure you don't harm anyone or anything. I know it's not always like that, the CPH police were unnecessarily heavy handed during the summit last year, and that's not good either. But in this case, I feel more sorry for the police who have to deal with the protesters then swayed by the protesters' cause.


I don't think that these students are making a very good point for themselves by acting like retarded barbarians lashing out at the police. The issue is not about the police doing their jobs and keeping them from smashing windows, it's about increases in tuition. These protesters have the attention span of an ant larva, immediately forget their first purpose, and go about in their coddled buffoonery half drunk like they're at some late night frat party. Completely forget what the point of the protest was in the first place, and then start making issues when the police try to keep them from the pointless destruction they're hell-bent on.


I support the outrage over tuition fees and unaffordable education... but I don't support out-and-out stupidity. And that's all I see in this protest.