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Can we criminalize stupidity? (please?)

Actual comment from a living, breathing human being.

Well here we  have it, we now live in a socialist communistic country because we just passed a healthcare reform bill that is going to be overseen by the IRS.

I guess the next step is being forced to bow down to statues of Obama with guns at our heads. And will become man servants to hispanic illegal immigrants.

The country has gone to shit, time to become a jw again.

Desperate evidence of what kind of mental firewall people can put up when faced with something they don't understand. Idiocy in its purest form.

As a side note, this is what I would call a fine example of the unrecovered JW. The kind of person who 'on the surface' rejects the limitations and protocols of one regime and substitutes another in its place. 

I think a healthy dose of criticism is called for whenever an important decision has to be made. But I do have something against unrestrained, vocalized ignorance. Removing the set of key issues from their context and placing them in the field of ideologies and economic systems seems to be the favoured leap in the USA. Don't understand something? It's probably a safe bet to call it 'socialist', 'communist', or some combination thereof. You really can't go wrong stirring up people with those incantations.

I really don't think that mindless acceptance of government policy is what is being asked for here. But how can you even hope for an informed debate when you have to deal with this king-sized straw man first?

*sigh* *retrieves beating stick*