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Culture in Denmark! Let the good times roll.

A recent article in the CPH post made me reach for my rage attack pills once more.

This time: the topic of publicly funded drunkenness. Yes people, taxpayer's money going straight down the slimy gibbets of our democratically elected representatives. 

To top it off: 60-100 000 kroner bills for binge drinking on a one-night trip to a meeting discussing budget cuts.



‘If a city council functions well socially then it can be a valuable asset in the long run,’ he told B.T. ‘Drinking is how you enjoy yourself in Denmark – it’s a part of our culture.'


Mmm hmm.

Okay there little buddy. How's about I let you in on a little secret.

'Drinking' is not part of your culture.

Mind-altering, 'drink-driving', LETS GET RETARDED alcoholism... is a part of your 'culture.'

Drinking so much that all the trees in Copenhagen have withered under the barrage of drunken urine passed over their soils, is part of your 'culture.'

Most people would call this a collective mental problem. But here it's called CULTURE.

Not to worry folks. You are not footing the bill for 'drinking'... you are footing the bill for CULTURE. That's what this is, you fools, CULTURE.

I love the fresh sounds and smells of culture here in Denmark!!