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non-subject posting.

Okay, it's May. And it's still blinkin' cold outside. I have to get this bit of complaining out of the way, because it offends my sensibilities that, as someone from a northerly climate, even I am sick and tired of the grey/rain/high of +7.

Or zero with windchill. *grumble*

Chair: progressing, slowly. The mysterious (and rumor has it, CATHOLIC!) holiday that occurred yesterday (and today?) has thrown off my week as I planned to have a consultation with the instructor yesterday, and go to the workshop today so as to finish assembling my first prototype this weekend. Since I don't feel that gung-ho about making a chair in the first place, I'm not too depressed about this. But I will still spare no breath complaining about the senselessness of a Protestant country celebrating a Catholic holiday. It reeks of just another excuse to get wildly retarded. But really, who needs further reason than living in Denmark?

[Edited to add: the name of the holiday is 'Kristi Himmelfartsdag.' And that apparently translates to 'ascension'. But... am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that the word fart appears here? Just wondering.]

OKAY OKAY. That's enough. Really, jeez, you'd think I have an extra spleen to vent or something.

I started doing the P90X program on Tuesday. It's a 3 month, 3 phase fitness program that works on the basis of muscle confusion. And holy crap! It's awesome. I think even Jed was impressed, though there are lots of cheesy moments in the workouts. Yesterday I did yoga x (the x is for EXTREME). Man, I suck at yoga. But I'm looking forward to the day where I can put the program on my iPod and take it to the park and wow all the non-fit people with my yoga awesomeness. BRING IT.

Hey, did you know there are BUNNIES in our backyard?! I didn't! There's a few rabbit hutches outside and 4 or 5 bunnies. One of which is enormous because I think he eats other rabbits for breakfast. Anyways, if the sun ever deigns to show its face again, I'm going to photograph them. We pretty much have the coolest back courtyard ever, we even discovered a tennis court and swimming pool... which unfortunately belong to the apartment block on the other side, but the fence doesn't look too pointy and I'm sure they wouldn't mind sharing with a few non-residents.

Other than that?

I watched Food Inc. (another 'gala premier' of a movie that's been out for 20 years everywhere else on earth...) but it was pretty special because the director was in attendance to answer questions. The movie was really good and yet frustrating at the same time. It mainly deals with the food situation in North America, and it's quite different here in Europe. There's a lot more organic and fair trade food, but produce is worse than brutal. I don't care if the cauliflower is organic, if it's half brown and rotten, it's not going in my mouth. So the emphasis is on eating seasonally, and in Denmark that means herrings, potatoes, and onions for 98% of the year. No wonder people take to the drink here. 

Presumably it's okay to eat imported oranges to prevent scurvy?

Makes me kind of angry at the lucky and smug people in Ontario who have a plethora of fresh and local food, and where farmer's markets are still popular. I still can't figure out if they grow anything except bog-people and rapeseed here. 

On to the summer plans: I'm staying in Europe. Plans include travel to London and France, which I am super stoked about! 

That about does it for now.