Future Landscapes


Iceland Tomorrow!

Well it's been 10 days already since mom came. How!? We've done a lot, but the weather has been shite. Shite, shite, shite. Rain, wind, coldness, clouds. During the entire 10 days we probably had like 4 cumulative hours of sun. This is June? Ug, remind me why I live here?

Today however... well today... it's our last day in CPH and there's a clear blue sky out there. *glares at sky*

Today of course being the day we're doing things like laundry, cleaning up, packing, getting groceries for Iceland (too expensive to buy there).... i.e., the NON-SIGHTSEEING DAY. Well for me it's okay, since I see these sights all the time. But for mom it kind of sucks. At least we have Starbucks Italian Roast to warm our hearts.

Anyways, I'm hoping for better weather in Iceland (is that oxymoronic?) so keep your eye out for Icelandic Ponies, Icelandic wool sweaters, Icelandic puffins, cetra cetra.