Future Landscapes


FCK. It doesn't mean what you think.

Went to watch F.C. København (FCK--Who picked that name?) vs. Deutschland at Parken last night. It was my first live European football game, and pretty fun! Obviously I was cheering for Germany, and while initially I seemed to be sending 'beatdown' vibes to the krauts, in the last 20 minutes FCK scored twice. Balls. I was totally thinking at that time too, I wonder when is the point where you can be sure that your team is going to win in soccer? Because in American football, if one team is down by like 2 touchdowns it could all change within a few minutes. That's what I love about football. The change-i-ness.


Speaking of which, the pre-season starts August 14! Time to get out my Seahawks jersey and get used to reading play-by-plays.


There's been so much on lately. Kultursydhavn on the weekend, good days for the harborbath (not that I would actually enter the pee-water), free dance show at the police HQ, etc. It's almost like I have a life. At some point I have to make it over to Topshelf, the Canadian store, and see if they have ketchup chips. Because that would make my summer complete!