Future Landscapes



Happiness is bright sunny mornings, with the sun pouring down onto clean dishes and fresh coffee.


Happiness is soft wind making the curtains dance.


I won't continue this somewhat nausea-inducing lyric to its completion. But suffice to say that I must have had good dreams last night or something. I feel fantastic! I have so many things to look forward to this week. Suzanne, one of my good friends from Dal, is moving to Lund! And stopping here for a day to see me. Now we can bemoan Scandinavian life together, and long nostalgically for The Wired Monk and the disgustingly pungent smell of the Halifax harbor.


Jed and his parents arrive late Thursday! WITH PUPPIES. Well, at least one dog that I know of. I have dancey feet and if I had an audience I would go about the house doing all kinds of awkward leaping and clapping and ridiculous smiling. Homecomings are fun. And really, when I woke up this morning I felt like HOME. HOME!


Part of the reason for this might be... I stopped reading the CPH post. I think people were writing articles just to goad me into bitter hatred, and then they threw in the most brain-damaged commenters they could muster to send my rage over the edge each and every day. Ignorance REALLY IS bliss.


It has already been decided by me and several others: this is going to be a great year. You can't just wait around for great years to happen, you have to decide on them. Maybe it won't be as entertaining to hear me talk about happiness and sunshine instead of bashing the Danish over the head with a stick, but you can always just look at the pretty pictures.


Your assignment: listen to this and try to remember how awesome of a movie Legally Blonde was.