Future Landscapes


Dang son!

It got cold recently, my forehead actually felt painfully frozen and my eyes watered today during my bike ride to school... which is strange, because usually that feeling is reserved for days when it is -30 with windchill.


It was gorgeous, though, with clear clear blue skies; those beautiful winter skies you only get in the north.


I don't have much to say... I work on my thesis, I take photos when I can, I am leading a somewhat routine-y life.


We did go to see Black Swan on the weekend, and it was really good. Far more scary then I imagined, which added to the overall feeling of creepiness. It's also a really interesting topic, the idea of letting go of perfection in creative work. I definitely identify with that feeling of trying so hard to do all the right things, only to find that someone else comes along and accomplishes their work fluently and effortlessly, all because they can 'let go.' It doesn't seem fair, but... I really do need to loosen up sometimes.


I have this feeling that I spend so much of my time being very serious and responsible when it comes to school, that I don't catch those moments of fun. It's always around this time of year where I look back at my pics of Calgary and think 'how come I'm so un-fun these days?' *sigh* I really am a fun person deep inside. I promise.


Well, in the continued spirit of responsibility, I'm going to work on my program a bit before bed. Watch for a thesis entry tomorrow.

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