Future Landscapes


Note: Boring camera review to follow.

I was right! It was the post-woman, delivering a package. I ran after her on the street in my pj's to retrieve our newly arrived camera.


We bought a small canon powershot last year, mainly to take video. In spite of diligent surveillance, this camera was stolen/lost in Rome during Christmas. After our rental settlement, I decided to look for a new little HD video camera.


Enter the Canon Powershot SX220 HS!


It's wonderful!


The picture quality for a point and shoot is really incredible. But we really bought it for the video--it takes full HD 1080p and so far it's amazing!


Last night was Super Moon Day. The moon was full, on the day the moon is closest to the Earth. In an amazing stroke of convenient weather, it was a cloudless night for us here in CPH, so we went for a walk down to the lakes to take some photos of the super bright moon.

cph_moon flare.jpg

Canon sx220 hs @ 28mm equivalent, mounted on flexible tripod, 15s exposure @ f. 6.3


Fully zoomed in to 392mm equivalent, 1/250s exposure @ f. 5.9

Exciting news: Rise Against tonight!