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Bah! I'm angry!

First of all.

So I'm on my mac, and I figure it's a good time to do some stuff in AutoCAD. So I switch over to my windows platform, log in, and get a lovely message about how I don't have a valid serial. I can't access the internet, I can't access anything on windows, I can't do anything.

Trying to install the windows disc again results in failure. I'm not even sure it's the right disc, since it's Jed's. It's blue and it says to use it to reinstall the system thingy.

Conclusion: Die, stupid Windows Vista.


Damn Danish Fullrate internet censors everything. I can't get onto the Pirate Bay to get Vectorworks (like AutoCAD for Mac). I can't get a keygen for Vista. Censorship makes me angry.

So I'm attempting to fix up my site plan in Illustrator instead. BAD IDEA. I am trying to make compound paths unite with each other and it Just. Doesn't. Work. I've spent the last 2 hours trying to make all the damn paths in my water layer go into one coherent shape so that it can be cut by the laser cutter on Wednesday. Not happening.


I'm still angry about the fact that half the people in my class ditched me on Culture Night. Seriously. That's extremely lame, and indicative of the fact that people suck.

Which brings me to my open cry for help.


I mean, I have a lot of really good friends (at home). I have worked long and hard to cultivate those friends. I know that it takes me a long time to make friends because I tend to hold out for people who I really get along with. I am an introvert, and that means I am very commonly misunderstood for being aloof, distant, or shy. Lots of people tell me that I just need to be more open and go to more parties. They don't get it.

When I talk to people, I am really paying attention to them. I therefore find it difficult to focus on a lot of people at once. I hate making small talk. I hate making conversations with people I don't care about. I am very bad at small, meaningless interactions. But I am an excellent long term friend, when I feel comfortable enough to be myself.

So if introversion is one strike against me, the fact that I don't like drinking is a big second. I don't like that people expect you to get drunk to have fun. I don't like that the only time I am not reserved is when I drink a lot. It's not me, and it makes people think that it IS me. I've had entire relationships with people based on nothing more than that we drink together. When you leave that stage, you lose those 'friends.' Whenever you see them after that, all you can do is talk about all the fun times you used to have together. That's lame.

Anyways. My friend-situation right now is:

-There are a few people in my class that I like, but no one that I have really clicked with. I am obviously giving this more time. Many of the foreign students have globbed together in a giant happy group of foreign-people togetherness. I feel like my only links to them are coincidences of position: we are in architecture school, and we are not from Denmark. Which may be enough to strike up a friendship, if one of them shows an ability to scratch beneath the surface...

-Nearly every function they do involves drinking. I don't mind going for a glass of wine, i.e., drinking in moderation. But I am not down when the only purpose of the evening is getting drunk. LETS GO TO FREDAG BAR AND GET WASTED YEAHHHHHHHHHHH. *cringe*

-Do I have to compromise and go to parties in order to scope out other people who are just going for some social interaction?

-There is an active ex-pat community online. I may be able to meet up with some of them and see what it's like. Again, though, I don't want to be friends with people just from coincidence. There's only so much reminiscing about home that I can do.

-Once we start language lessons we might meet other people who are trying to network. That might be a place to start.

My final option is SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING. At least that gives you the feeling of belonging without actually talking to people.

(please save me from this final option).