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It's Friday!

The days are beginning to run into each other, with the exact same weather all the time and no distinct events happening to distinguish between Monday and Friday. Oh, well, that's not all true I guess. I see one of my tutors on Monday, and one on Wednesday, and we now have Danish lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

LIVE NEWS FEED: I ran out of books and need to get more. I am counting down the days to when we go to Barcelona in December. I miss the isolation and sunshine and coldness of Fort Mac. I saw a woman walking her yellow lab the other day and I was sad because it looked so much like Marlowe. I want white cheddar kraft dinner. I am going to play squash on Sunday. My bridge is starting to make sense to me. I hate the scanners at school. There is a lecture by ecosystema Urbano tonight. My camera misses taking pictures. Jed broke one of our two plates, so we're going to Christiania to find a new one. I'm suspicious of windows, it wiped out all the songs on my iPod. I wish I could fill my house with fresh flowers every day. 

Quest of the day: getting out of pyjamas.