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Grilled Cheese: Still the Comfort Food of Choice.

The weather, as I suspected, did not hold out *sigh* So after 2 days of vitamin D and one day of endorphins from squash, I'm into a huge case of the Mondays. My everything hurts. I had to get up early to do dreaded group work. I had to sit through presentations of epic boring proportions. Then I rode home in the rain and gale force winds, my notebook got soaked and so did I. 

Wow, I complain a lot. 

Anyways, thank goodness for grilled cheese.

And lebkuchen! And puppies.

There's really no casual way to say 'I just started reading War and Peace', is there... Anyways, that's what I'm reading now. I chose it because I generally go through books really fast, but Tolstoy's writing really slows me down. Anna Karenina took me almost 3 months to get through. That and it was the best price-point value per page I could get in Copenhagen. And it has a nice cover. 

So who's up for some procrastination? I am going to post some slides we did for an urban lighting analysis we did this weekend.

The Langeliniebroen was the bridge we were assigned to look at. Paved like a running track and kind of spooky. The job was to analyze the urban lighting situation.

Don't you love the beautiful graffiti? See, you can never control anything, even as an anal retentive, detail oriented, perfectionist architect. Some punk will come around and screw everything up with his tagging BS. I think on my bridge, I'm going to make an ink-spewing spray-paint sensitive hose, that doses these urban artistes with their own medicine if they try to come near my gleamingly white, beautiful piece of art. Ha.

Looking from the bridge to Ostebro Station. The urban lighting architects said of the handrail light, that 'because of the minimal light pollution, people could come to watch the stars on the bridge.' *stifles laughter*

Flows of traffic and trains, the light streaks they leave behind. And the white lights of the bridge crossing over all the other paths.

Position of the bridge lighting. It's amazing what can be done with photoshop, google maps, and the eraser tool.

The lights of the surrounding area. 

Sections from various places on the bridge, showing the level and distribution of the handrail light. We also did LUX meter measurements and had those added in the presentation. 

Going to do real bridge stuff now. Seriously.