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Capital P Procrastination

Things to do when you can't force yourself to draw one more spline in Rhino:

1. Go through 279 photos taken over the weekend and edit every single one in photoshop. Tag and upload to flickr.

2. Watch free-tv-video-online.com intermittently whilst drinking coffee and rotating useless lines on bridge.

3. Become inspired by Billie Piper's wig in episode 2, season 1 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and spend one hour straightening hair.

4. Get angry at uneven haircut and fix bangs.

5. Stare at unfolded laundry. Sigh heavily and drink another coffee.

6. Start pointless skype chats. 'Did you see my USB at school?' 'Oh.' 'How's your project going?'

7. Read several clipped and poorly adapted English newspaper articles. Peruse stupid comments. Consider setting several people down. File response in 'not to be ever shown publicly' folder on computer.

8. Check flickr stats.

9. Stretch and consider getting dressed. To make the day official, like.

10. Resent the fact that the sun is setting at 3:48pm. Wonder where the day went.