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Who needs values when you can watch football?

There is a hint of blue sky out there today, which would be relieving after the unrelenting grey raininess that we've had here for the past week. I have no new photos because the weather has been crap and it's not nice to subject expensive cameras to the elements. 

Not much has been going on... Jed started climbing again and we met his group for drinks last Friday (the night of the unveiling of Juleøl--as far as I've been able to tell, it's somewhat akin to drinking medicine or lysol but with happy Christmas decoration on the bottles...). I have been working hard on developing my bridge concept in more detail, and thought I had a small breakthrough with my tutor on Wednesday... but I'm back to being confused and so, like any intelligent student I'm doing tedious unrelated work, like perfecting the polylines on my site plan in AutoCAD instead of working through the design issues. Just kidding. Sort of.

Tonight we are going to a dance show. I don't have a lot of details since Jed is my acting cultural secretary. All I know is, it's called 'Frost' and I get a cheaper ticket for being under 25 *woot*

Tomorrow: brunch, and another day of cultural exploration. We still want to go to Roskilde if it's nice, but there are plenty of museums here in Copenhagen to visit if the weather sucks. 

I think that's pretty much it. 

Oh yeah, and there are municipal elections going on here right now. So far it looks pretty much like any other election, with the small difference that the posters have slogans that use the f word a lot and are more design-aware (I saw some posters that used the 'Andy Warhol' effect). I have no real knowledge of any of the political parties, but a few posters struck my fancy while biking to school...

And now, for your political edification, the political agenda of the Nihilistisk Folkeparti!



God is dead. When NFP is represented in Borgerrepræsentationen, we will accept the consequences and work to ensure that its citizens will never again be victims of a little screwy minority religious harassment.

'Fuck your salvation! We have a hangover.'


The Danes love cute animals. Everything is unimportant - except for cute animals. For the Danes is adorable animals more important than people and NFP never fails its role as the voice of the people. Therefore NFP require the drafting of a cute minimis-gun - the basis of objective criteria such as fur, clumsiness and eye size - so we can rationally decide which animals are entitled to welfare.

'Everything is unimportant - except for cute animals!'


Metro is a fantastic vehicle. But aesthetically, it is a gray underground hell. Metro is designed to keep residents of Copenhagen caught in a collective depressive mood, which enables them to endure the pointless work, they use it to get to and from.

NFP will stop the brain washing of Copenhageners! Therefore, we require that Metro decorated in psychedelic colors, so Copenhagen on his way to work will be inspired to spend days on something much more cheerful.

'Stop the gray brainwashing!'


NFP will introduce all Copenhagen primary school teachers would point out that there are alternatives to the current society and opinion-keeping training in Danish, History and Kulturfag. The young must know that all values are empty and there is nothing left to fight for.

Released teaching time can be used for teaching in nihilism and an extra recess.

'No to politically correct view of tyranny!'

There're more gems on their website, which I have hopefully linked properly in it's google-translated version.