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I may have a mild rage problem. Wanna make something of it?

It's official. I just can't be friends with stupid people. I find it the trial of my life just to talk civily to some people. Yes. I realise this is a pretty substantial problem. And I should probably do something about it.

It's confusing though, because I feel a lot of compassion for people in general. And when I hear about suffering of people I don't even know, I feel it really deeply. I care about humanity. I care about how people feel. I want people to be happy and healthy and I don't care much about their general intelligence so long as they're doing something fulfilling.

But when people are catty and underhanded and gossipy. Bleh, I have no time for it!

I should be more specific though. It's certain people in my class that I feel The Rage for. It doesn't really happen with other people. Maybe I just expect more from my fellow students, or I feel competitive against them. But almost everything they do niggles at me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I don't make an effort to hang out with them outside of school. Or maybe we just innately do not have the same interests. All I know is that, whenever I'm around them, I feel like I am So Different, and like I'm not interfacing with the world properly, and it's awkward and strange. I feel like I can't say the right thing, and that everything I do is in opposition to them somehow. It's just weird.

I'm starting to get the feeling, though, that this 'non-friendship' is going further every day. And that people are starting to do things to purposely piss me off.

I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the semester doing what are called 'base drawings'. These are some basic drawings that show the context (site plan), sections, etc. It's like the backdrop for your project. It's not always easy to get a good site plan if you can't find an autoCAD file, and if your site is really large, like ours, you can't just make photocopy enlargements from a map. So I spent a lot of time scouting out a good site plan, taking it into illustrator and autoCAD to fix it up and get rid of extra lines, color it, etc. Then I made prints and made a site model at 1:500 from it. To do this I had to buy material and book the laser cutter in advance. All this work probably took 1-2 weeks.

MDF 1/4 sheet: 62kr

Foam for surrounding buildings: 150kr

Laser cutting charge: 100kr

Foamcore for ground plane: 52kr

Total: 364kr = $76 CAD

So I come into school yesterday to find that some idiot has drawn his project ON my site model.


Does this strike anyone as, I don't know. WRONG?


Anyways, I'm angry. Of course I'm angry! What the heck? You don't just take other people's work and DRAW ON IT. I knew people had been putting their bridge models on it, but jeez. At least offer to help pay for it, if you're going to use it. Growl!

On top of that my drafting chair was missing, and the tutor didn't come in when he was supposed to.


Is it paranoia that makes you feel like people talk about you behind your back? Because today when I was talking to the tutor, I felt like two of the girls were staring and listening, and were talking about how I don't like sharing my site model. It's probably paranoia.

WHATEVER. People are dumb. I'm in a bad mood. I'm allowed to rant. And feel paranoid.

Going to work on stuff now.