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So blah, and confused!

Well, as we sort of suspected, the house WAS a dump, and getting us to stay in the hostel was a way for the landlord to put off our seeing the place for as long as possible...  

On Wednesday Erik picked us up from the hostel and told us that the place wasn't ready and that we should take his car and explore the coast a bit. We were nervous about this, but they were adamant that we could not see the place yet. They said it would be ready at 4pm.

We went up to Helsingor and saw the castle where Hamlet is set-Kronburg. It was amazing! And there is actually a production of Hamlet going on right now, with Jude Law playing the lead... of course it's sold out, but wow, it would have been awesome to go if we were rich.  

When we came back from our jaunt, we went to the house and discovered the truth: the house is a disaster. Completely filled to the brim with junk. We don't even know where you would start to clean it out, you would need at least 3 dump-trucks to take the stuff that's piled up away. And we're not even sure that they WANT to get rid of the stuff. 

We left and went for a walk to discuss the situation. When we came back to the house, Jed said that it was not what we expected, and that we needed them to at least empty out the area that we were going to be paying for (2 rooms upstairs). Erik seemed okay with that, but Margrit started to act as if we had been ungrateful and that we were expecting too much from them. They had bought us all these gifts, all these new things for the house when they couldn't even fit the OLD things in. Margrit started going on about how she needed to find a desk for us to work at, and we tried to tell her not to worry about a desk, just to focus on cleaning out the rooms so there would be enough space for a desk.

Anyways, in the end we told them that we would come back on Monday evening to see the place and if it was cleaned up enough that we felt comfortable living there, we would be happy to take the place. But otherwise that we would be looking for something else.

So, we've been living in the Danhostel for the last 3 nights, and I guess we will be there for at least a few more. 

What's good news:

I have a phone number.

We bought used bikes, for relatively cheap (about $300-350 each) so we are mobile at least.

The weather has been nice. 

We went to see an apartment this afternoon. It is a bachelor, small, unfurnished, and expensive. But we might be able to make it work if we can decide before someone else takes it. It is clean and it has a nice balcony.

We met a German girl named Anna who is in my department and she is really nice, and also looking for an apartment later in the year. Maybe we will get one together.

We went to the school and it looks amazing.

The architecture here is awesome...

We started watching Damages and it's incredible.

We still have enough sanity to be happy together even if we don't have a home and are living in a bunk-bed.