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It's my blog and I'll complain if I want to.

After discussing it with several like-minded persons at school, we've established that the last assignment was a fiasco in terms of communication (lack thereof), and I got 4 shocked faces when I said that the only email I received from the head of our department was a cc'd copy of the email sent to our instructor, saying '[XXXXX] -- Please deal with Stephanie's problem.' This was after I had explained the situation (not receiving instructions, not getting an actual assignment, but having something magically due on Friday...) So apparently it's my problem that we never got a project outline. Interesting.

This morning was a continuation of the fun. We were supposed to start our new workshop today, in the glass room on our floor by the studios, at 9:30. When I got to school at 9:20, there was a year 5 student doing his mid-project critique in the room we were supposed to meet in. The other students seemed unconcerned and thought maybe they'd be out in 10 minutes. So I went upstairs to try to print of last weeks fiasco 'rapport'.

When I came down 10 minutes later, the critique was still going. But my classmates were mysteriously missing. I went down to the only other meeting room I knew of, nope, more year 5 reviews going on. 

The secretary didn't know what happened to my class. Apparently they just disappeared into a black hole. 

So, I missed the introduction to our workshop. And it is just that easy. No one tells you anything. I ran around, up and down the stairs trying to find someone from my class, to no avail. at 10am, they came back (they met in a room in another department--of course! I should have guessed). Luckily, this project has a somewhat better outline than the last, so allow me to present...

A tangram.

A tangram is a shape puzzle of a square divided into two large right-angle triangles, two small right-angle triangles, a medium right-angle triangle, a square, and a rhombus.

Our assignment is to selectively use the pieces of a tangram (or several tangrams) to design a large-span roof structure with just 3 support points. We're doing this first at a small scale, and then at a large scale. 

The project is more a lesson in proportions and scale than in structure. I should mention that we can choose as many or as few pieces of the tangram as we want, or mix pieces from several tangrams. Here's what I've come up with so far. 

Model B: (Model A sucked.)

Model C

Model D

Model E

Model E (cont.)

Model F 

See. All you need to know to become an architect is cutting, glueing, and coloring.

So which one is the best? I need to pick a photo to print large for Friday.