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That jiggy don't fly.

There's been excited chatter since November about a study trip to Stockholm and/or Milan for design shows in the coming semester.

Am I stupid to think that at least part of the foreign tuition I have paid should go towards paying for my study trips? I.e., shouldn't the school pool it's resources to help pay for at least some of the costs? Jed's department paid something like 60% of the expenses of their 2 week trip to Sarajevo, and yeah, I know it's a lot more expensive in Italy, but it's only for 5 days and 20 people.

This is part of a larger issue (ahem, source of resentment) regarding tuition. We found out that out of all the foreign students in the English Master's program here, only 4 have to pay tuition. That's cause all the others are from or have citizenship in EU countries, or have an exchange program with their home universities. Which means that most of the other students are not only benefitting from free tuition, but probably receive some monetary incentives from their governments to be at school. 

Then there's us suckers. Sure, 10 000 Euros/year for grad school is *in the grand scheme of things* not that much to pay for a degree. Compared to say, institutions in the states, or even Canada. Heck, we paid $10 000 CAD for the pleasure of three semester at Dalhousie. Maybe we're just plain stupid.

On top of our tuition burden, is the cost of living in Copenhagen burden. How joyfully we bear it.

And now they want to add: let's go to Italy for a design show! But please remember that you have to pay for everything yourself, but it will be very beneficial if you go, and you will probably miss out on a lot of awesome design if you don't. But don't feel obligated if you're too poor. *snicker*

I just calmly emailed the secretary asking about how much money the school plans to contribute. I hope it wasn't delivered in a mean-spirited way. I just want to know!

I am po' and I am upset at the assumption that everyone has all this money flying around for trips to Italy. Okay, THEY do (points at EU citizens and other Scandinavians). And if they want to pay for me to go to Italy, I'd be cool with that. But don't assume we can afford to stay in your 'suggested' hotel (for almost $75/night, WTF?) on top of all the other expenses (registration for design show, flight, food, etc....)