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School Woes

I mean seriously. Is it that much to ask that we get clear instructions about our assignments?

Let me back up. Our final review was December 15. A few days before that, our department held a short meeting, which very few people attended because we were all getting ready for our final review (doy). The meeting had a presentation about our assignment for the new year (this week). A few of the students who attended said it was about documenting our work throughout the semester, or something. But no clear details. We all assumed we'd get an outline over the break.

No such luck. On Monday when I hadn't heard anything, I started emailing people at school and instructors. Tuesday morning all I received was a few lines saying 'remember, your rapport is due on Friday at noon.' Huh? Rapport? Is that like a 'report'?

I went to school in search of answers. All the offices were closed... surprise! There were a few students in the studio upstairs, but after discussions with both, I came away with no real clue about the assignment. I went back home and wrote another email to the head of the department, asking for details. 

This morning, I got an email back, essentially accusing me of stupidity. 'It's funny that you haven't heard of the rapport, since several students have been talking about it. Didn't your classmates fill you in?' Yeah, like I want to receive my assignments based on second hand information from non-english speaking students who are just as confused as I am? Great suggestion.

I trudged off again to school hoping for more info... the offices were closed and no one was in the studio. I went upstairs to the computer room, hoping for clues on the school website and server... nothing. I finally tracked down our secretary, who was the only sympathetic ear I've had all week. She promised to find out what was going on. An hour later, I got a PDF of the presentation made during the meeting in December. Well, it's not an outline, but at least it's something. I met with 2 other classmates--both equally confused. I heard rumours that the assignment is extended until Monday now.

I am loving this.

The funny thing is: I'm perfectly willing and ready to do this assignment--I like the idea of documenting our design processes. I just want some clear information about WTF we're supposed to do... is that so much to ask? YES! Jeez, what do I expect? We're all still drunk from New Years!

Bah. I've taken out some books on watercolor and I'm going to practice my techniques. 

In other news, Jed and I started watching Heroes last night and are soundly addicted after 3 episodes.