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October = midterms! *screams*

What?! It's like October (it's not LIKE October, it IS October) and I haven't done anything! Okay, I've done some things, but nothing like a strategic site plan (which is what I said I'd have last week), or ideas about 'atmospheres' or really... anything.


So what the heck have I been doing? Oh well. Technology is running amok in my professor's heads these days, so I've been kinda busy trying to TWEET 100 times about 'what light looks like' and taking photos of bricks and posting them to google earth. I know this is an arty school, but give me a break. Twitter? For school? It was bad enough when I had to open a tumblr account to post all my (non-existent) school work into! What are we learning? Social networking!




Phew, calm, drink coffee. Let's take a survey of work completed here.


  1. I wrote my program! Hurray! Haven't got it back yet though... so I'm not sure if I'm on the right track with that or not. Anyways, continuing on...
  2. I have site plans and a rhino 3-D site model. And some basic sunlight studies of the site. And a tree survey and all the positions of the artificial lights at night. So that's pretty good.
  3. I have collected climate data and know how many days of rain we get (271), how many hours of sun (1200-1600/year), how much precipitation (600mm, not including snow), how many days below zero per annum (59!), and how much the wind blows (a whole freaking lot). This kind of information is relevant since my project is based on making an outdoor urban space that can be used even in poor weather.
  4. I have a few resources on projects working with dynamic water systems. That is, sites that are activated when the rain pours down. I want to channel rain water from the roofs and the streets onto the site so I've calculated how much rain could be collected just from the roofs facing the site: Approximately 16 000 m3 per year.
  5. I have identified where the site needs additional lighting--it's mainly where the contrast between bright and dark is the greatest. Then I'll add some additional lighting features, like path lighting and some... other... stuff... not sure of the details of that yet.


Well. Taken all in all, it's an okay start. I really need to crack the whip on myself this week though. Jed's away in Malta still and my cousin left this morning, so I have no distractions or excuses to cry off!