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Hurray for Fall!

I love Autumn. It is my FAVORITE FAVORITE season ever. Why? It's crisp, sunny, and the sun's angle makes everything golden and misty. This all seems to be true no matter where you live (even in Alberta).


Here's a short stop action from my evening commute. Another reason I like being here right now :)

Also, I have stunning news! I've had 3 or 4 incidences where people asked if I needed help with something. I mean Danish people, coming right up, and asking. Offering to help me put my bike chain back on. Holding my handlebars at the stop light while I took my jacket off. And once, while I was taking a survey on site, a man stopped off the bike lane to ask if I was lost. Now if only we could get them on board with helping young ladies with their heavy baggage at the train station, and to yell out random hellos on the street... we'd be almost at France level of geniality. Anyways, it's nice :)