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KADK - Masters of Architecture

"don't think that you are better then us."

Well I am.


At least, I'm more professional.


The 'instructors' yesterday showed that they are completely incapable of managing a program in an acceptable fashion.


  • They did not book a room for us to present in.
  • They did not invite any guest critics.
  • They did not ask us to hand in our work for review/grading.
  • They publicly humiliated several students and cut all the projects down completely undeservedly.
  • I am starting to believe that they want us to fail because they want to reinforce their own image of 'Danes as the architecture and design pros of the world.'


I will not let them sabotage my education just to make themselves feel good.


They are fools and couldn't stand up to a real academic/peer review, which is why they couldn't invite any guests. They would be shamed by their complete ineptitude at coordination. They would be exposed for the fakes they are. That's why they need to keep everything 'in-house.'

Academic in-breeding. They have an overriding school pedagogy to protect, and that is more important than anything else.


Hahaha. They think they are so prestigious! They give themselves a presumptuous name—The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. This school is more po-dunk then my fort mac junior high. At least there we had teachers who cared and knew what it meant to educate.


It doesn't matter. I'll get my degree one way or the other, and I will continue doing good work.


Too bad they can't get past their own stifling ineptitude and inability to accept other ideas as valid, or maybe our projects could be something really special. Too bad there is no one to respect or look up to.


But, bullshit has a way of revealing itself, and one day it will come back to bite them in the ass.