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Happy Groundhog Day

So tell me, what's it gonna be. 6 more weeks of winter, or 6 weeks til spring?

February 1 harkened a new semester and a new spate of exchange students, increased positivity in the studio, and an impromptu night at cafe Tjili Pop. The new students seem really nice. One of the new girls in my class is from Montreal, and we were talking about the weather:

her: I heard on the news there is going to be a snowstorm tomorrow, but when I heard they were only predicting 2-12cm, I laughed! We are getting 5 meters of snow in Quebec in a normal winter!

So, that just puts it in perspective hmm? I have to admit, hearing that distinctively crass Canadian-French accent made me smile on the inside. So Jean Chretien.

We met one of our new instructors yesterday, 'Dean' from New Zealand, who studied at Columbia in NY and continued to teach at the AA in London and later in Zurich. He gave a lecture on the '3rd Age'--the unfettered young-old retirees. I found his lecture really fascinating, since it pointed out that never in history have we had such a crop of 'elderly' people living healthily and for the most part independently once they finish work.

The aging of today do not want the same things as the generation before them; the biggest challenge of the aging in previous generations was keeping them healthy, but now the biggest challenge is keeping them from boredom. It's made me a lot more interested in our topic--'Senior Furniture'--and I'm learning to throw away a lot of what I personally thought about the 'needs' of the elderly.

The next few weeks we have some lectures, but mostly its up to us to find a focus for our future design. Some of us are headed to Stockholm next Wednesday for the design week there... and after that we start a whole series of workshops. The first one is about writing our own design program. I've never had to think up my own parameters for a project before, most of the time you have an outline. So it's going to be really interesting to see how to do it. They give us this challenge because when we eventually choose a thesis topic, we have to 'design' our own semester project. One thing our instructor Nikolai said was, we don't necessarily have to look for problems, but we need to seek out situations that allow us to be creative.

So far the following workshops are planned in the next 4 months:


  • Textiles workshop with the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture
  • Branding and marketing workshop
  • Practical Aesthetics workshop
  • Tectonics and Construction (furniture making and joints)
  • 2 day workshop with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad
  • 3 weeks of Rhino!
  • 2 weeks booked in the woodshop/metalshop where we can build 1:1 prototypes of our furniture.


As I said before, our instructor is very organized and took the afternoon yesterday to come around to each person's desk, get to know a little about us, and ask if we had any concerns/questions. We have a series of lectures every Wednesday and Friday, and starting in March, a new course called "Philosophy, science theory and epistemology."

*rubs hands together*

It's turning out to be a VERY interesting semester... and while I'm nervous about designing furniture, I feel really excited about all the different tools Nikolai has prepared to help us. 

Going to work on HOLIDAY photos now... no more of these distracting Winter Copenhagen Scenes!