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KADK - Masters of Architecture

Why I work from home.

Yes, it's sometimes hard to get going in the morning when you work from home... but after years spent in a crazy studio with poor lighting, noisy people, and limited space, I'll take working from home any day. 

and... Little may you realize those crazy brush strokes are actually for a purpose! (revealed later this year).

Some other paintings I have done lately:


Most of my class is on a trip to some factories on Funen to check out mass-production. I was so distracted by the workshop we did last week and preparation for my Gernot Böhme presentation on Monday that I decided not to go. Then we got an email late yesterday saying it counts for credits. Sigh, school, when will you learn to let us know these things in advance?

We have a little less than 3 weeks before midterm reviews, so I'm trying to get crackin' on the link between my 'research' *cough* and my design. I just don't think I'm cut out to be a furniture designer. Give me space, give me atmosphere, give me a complex program.... just for goodness sake, don't force me into ergonomics and body curvatures. It makes me squirmy.