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Summer. Sigh. Why is it so hard to figure out what I'm doing?

It's looking grim. Grim, I tell you.

We've got several internship offers through the school mail... all of which want the person to be available for full time work for at least 5 months. Hey, employers! What part of 2-month summer break don't you understand!? 

In anticipation of the perfect offer of employment, however, I did a nice new portfolio... it's nearly finished. And it's looking pretty impressive, if I do say so. Here's a sneak peak.

If you were an employer... wouldn't you be falling all over yourself to hire me? Yes. Yes you would.

Oh. And chair. Let me tell ya. I am 6 weeks from vowing off furniture design forever.

This will heretofore be referred to as a chair for the extremely imaginative elderly.

But you know... you know, it's been really nice lately. I've taken to removing my winter jacket for at least half of the bike ride to where-ever I'm headed. There are what sound like cinderella birds singing in the early mornings and late evenings. I discovered that the Laundromat Cafe has yahtzee available for play. Now go ahead and tell me that's not awesome. You can't do it, can you.

Well that's just all there is to it right now. Today I'm celebrating the mostly uninhibited sunshine by going to eat ice cream!