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bring it

I kind of, almost, nearly have a chair. Whether it will hold a person? Doubtful. So what have we got here? A whole semester designing a chair, the sole function of which is to hold a person, and it can't hold a person. There's something ironic in that. And yet... no one seems bothered by this small detail?

Seriously, doesn't it seem wrong that you can spend 5 months of your life focusing on something, and in the end it can't perform the function it's meant to? Agh, my brain.

But I have learned a lot about bending cane. Lemme tell you. You need your balcony furniture repaired? I am your person. 

Finished my core synergistics today, and now I'm off to shower and bend the final 2 pieces of my chair... the seat-reinforcing has to be finished tonight and then all my drawings and printing done for tomorrow.

Ahhhh! The sweet taste of almost being finished. It's nearly as good as gummy bears.