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Computers suck.

They really take it outta you. I feel like my eyes have been permanently burninated from all the staring I've done recently. And for what purpose!? NONE! Bah.


I have a list of 7 things. It's now 2:34 and I've accomplished the following:


  1. Organized school supplies
  2. Took paper waste down to garbage
  3. Found recipe for dinner


On the other hand, I've done several things that weren't on my list!


  1. Painted sexy picture of Jeff Martin
  2. Freed 3 houseflies from certain doom banging against closed windows
  3. Organized bookmark folders
  4. Drank copious amounts of coffee


So all in all, it hasn't been a totally wasted day. Now I'm just working up the gumption to put on pants and go buy some groceries. It's just not fun cooking for one. 5 more days of leftovers, kraft dinner, and frozen pizza until Jed gets back!