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I'm late.

Well, it's been a busy 3 weeks!


You can tell I resumed the normal speed of life as soon as Jed returned... it's been non-stop. We took a lovely trip with his parents to the west coast of DK, where we revelled in late summer activities such as huddling against the wind in intemperate 'would be nice if this was February' +11 weather. Actually it was nice though. Denmark empties of Danes in the 'summer' or something, so we had the entire country to ourselves and we had no competition for fine dining in Lemvig. The beaches were completely deserted and surprisingly terrain-ous. And underpinning it all was the unbounded joy of a happy puppy.


Once back in Copenhagen, we spent our time between school and showing off the city to Jed's parents. They really got lucky with having no rain here, quite unusual and not very representative but probably the best way to see the city. Our respective programs attempted to show us who's boss by engaging us in 24-hour workshops.


This semester, as I've pointed out elsewhere, is rather better organized, and the project is definitely in my preferred area! Once Jed's parents left and we got over our mild depression (treated with gelato), the real schoolwork began. And it hasn't stopped yet.

Of course we've found time to have brunch at Lyst and eat stang on the canal:


Quite tasty.


Tonight: partay at the Black Diamond (library). Might sound nerdy, but it's actually quite swank. As swank as drinking at a library can be.


Tomorrow: secret date things planned!