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So I was waiting for a render to finish yesterday, and decided to read back on my old blog (ca. amsterdam). Man, since then I have gotten so bad at updating and writing about exciting things. Possibly because there is nothing all that exciting happening here.


I think when I started this website I thought maybe it would become a professional portfolio website, but eh. Let's face it, I've complained way too much about school and Denmark for that ever to happen!


I promise to be fun and awesome from now on.


First is: It's been the nicest spring I've ever seen, in my life. My dad send me a photo from Edmonton yesterday of him outside, there was 4 inches of snow. And I was like... 'oh yeah. That's why I've always hated spring.'


I never knew spring could be so awesome! I thought all that Easter stuff with grass, bunnies, and sunshine only happened in magical cadbury land on TV. But it's real! O_O


Last spring sucked hardcore, so I was kind of expecting the same this year. But it's been completely opposite.


What I really love is how people all collectively take their lives outside when the sun comes out. (Okay, do Danes do anything non-collectively? No.) But remembering the fact that it's balls for weather here at least 6 months out of the year, you have to take advantage of every beam of sunshine. Even if it's still only 10 degrees out.


The only problem I'm having is that it is so nice out, I want to be outside all the time. Not inside tediously clicking away on my Rhino model. And you know... when I have to eventually get a real job, it's just going to be worse. At least now I can take breaks whenever I want and choose to work in the evening instead. I kind of dread working, for that reason. 6 years of being a student has taught me that you get inspired when you take a break outside.


Second is: I've booked the start/end flights for dad's trip here in June, and found some pretty sweet places to stay in between. We are flying into Barcelona and flying out of Munich, with a nice drive through France and Southern Germany in between. Here's how it looks:


  • Barcelona x3
  • Girona
  • Narbonne
  • Nimes
  • Grenoble
  • Lyon x2
  • Strasbourg x2
  • Heidelberg
  • Fussen
  • Munich x3


Bookended by my final presentation on one side, and graduation on the other, I think it makes a pretty nice holiday.


Coffee's ready, must go drink.