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The world is a crazy place, and also I finished my portfolio

Check it out. I finished my portfolio!


So, whatcha think? Now I can start applying for jobs but if you notice anything strange (missing text, inexplicable white boxes covering important photos, or spelling mistakes) please do let me know so I can look not unprofessional in the future.


It is a really good thing that I am moving on Tuesday because honestly, this apartment is driving me Nuts with a Capital N. Fruit flies (and other anonymous flying insects) infect the kitchen and bathroom and my bedroom window with wild abandon. Plastic bags full of used kitty-litter sit dripping pig-urine on the kitchen floor while my roomie as at work (she's a kindergarten teacher, how bout that?).


The pig itself has taken to not just nibbling suggestively, but actively biting our toes and legs while preparing food. And goodness, if you've never seen a pig's teeth before... well, be thankful. They are large and crush bones. And probably cause all kinds of infectious diseases if they break the flesh.


The toilet lacks a toilet seat and there is very often no toilet paper. The house smells like a barn and it seems to get worse every day. The pig walks around grunting and squealing out of boredom during the day, and...


I'm going CRAZY.


PS, the funny thing is, that with all this mess my roommate had the gall to ask me if I could not put my coffee grounds in the trash, as they leak out the garbage bag (?) Uhm, yes. Amidst the rest of this horrid mess, that is an extremely pressing concern. (And it couldn't possibly be because other people use the trash and liquid leaks from their refuse through my grounds?)


LESSON: Never trust a person who doesn't drink coffee!




Seem to have lost my composure there for a minute.


It's not all bad, of course, but dear old Copenhagen is fearfully depressing without the comfort of cash with which to drown your sorrows in food and drink. At least there is the internet and books and my stash of starbucks coffee.