Future Landscapes


things that cause my brain to hemorrhage blood.

1. The word 'utilize'.

 Why? Why can't people just say 'use'? 'Utilize' sounds like a pointy alien invasion. It looks like a Daniel Libeskind museum addition. It's made of sharp metal and sterilized needles. 'Utilize' is for corporate mission statements. 'We will utilize every tool at our disposal to get the job done!' 'Utilize' is filler for first year university students when they want to sound smart.

I hate the word 'utilize'. 

2. Undergrads who still believe the world is made or broken upon which ivy league school you go to.

 "I have a 4.0 average and was part of xyz club/sorority. What do you think is better: MIT, GSAPP or GSD?"

The truth is that experience trumps education any day. And it doesn't seem coincidental how the 'better' the school, the bigger the architectural ego that goes along with it. 

Here is what else fascinates me about this whole 'top architecture school' debate:

The majority of 'top' architecture schools are apparently found in the States... yet the States has possibly the worst architecture and urban design of any Western nation.

So really, potential architecture students... branch out and pretend like the States is not the best for once. Because it's not.

3. the question "how important is it that you can draw if you want to be an architect? Can you hire someone else to draw for you?"

 This question pops up on the archinect forum about every 3 months. Every 3 months I want to fly over, chase down the writer, and beat them senseless with a length of petrified wood.

Embedded in this question is the frustratingly naive assumption that you will be in a position to just hire someone to do the work for you right out of school. BREAKING NEWS: you are that person. Your first job will include being someone's drawing bitch, and getting schooled every day by your boss who can make any pen in the office--including half-dead highlighters--their shining implement of awesome sketches.

Okay. I'm done being angry. For now.