Future Landscapes


Schöneberg / Steinmetzstrasse 21


Today is moving day for us.


We're leaving our sweet sunny apartment in Schöneberg and heading into the baby-carriage-ridden wilds of Prenzlauer Berg. I'm genuinely sad to leave this area. Our street is one of a network of pedestrian-only, cobbled and treed streets; marked with water fountains and a fantastic setting for seeing the neighborhood hang out at night. All the little kids say hi, and there's something just so wonderfully front-porch about it all. 


Last weekend we made a concerted effort to go out and take some photos of our 'hood. Hopefully we make it back here often enough, there's so much more I wanted to do here. For those who don't know, Schöneberg means "Beautiful Mountain" and while you would be hard pressed to say we were situated on a hill, much less a mountain, the 'beautiful' part holds true.