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Things I will Never Adapt to, including Eurovision.

1. European kiss-kiss greetings. I don't like putting my face that close to people I know well, let alone people I've just met. Also, I always, alwayswithout fail go for the wrong side and end up kissing someone straight on the mouth. 


2. Carpet as the main flooring in an apartment. Just no. I am spoiled by wood plank floors and can never go back.


3. Un-refridgerated bacon, eggs, and milk at the supermarket.


4. there are other things but I can't remember them at the moment. 





I'm telling you, it was an event not to be missed. And you can probably recreate the majick all over by going to this link and discovering a fantastic world of Turkish pirates, irish twins, people dressed as cupcakes and moonwalking accordianists. etc. 


Somebody at work was like 'I am so excited for Saturday night, we're having a Eurovision barbeque and I love it' and then she told me 'one of my friends won't watch it because of human rights issues.' At first I thought she meant because the songs are so terrible that it is a human rights violation to make people watch it, but then I realised it's because this year Eurovision is in Baku, Azerbaijan, which is a police state and probably not very democratic. 




Sweden won and I actually like their song. I can't wait for next year when Eurovision is in Sweden.


Oh and. Engelbert Humperdinck for the UK came in second last I think... sorry mom...

It is Sunday. I have to work, but I'm going to attempt to work at home. Tomorrow is a holiday (Pfingsten, or 'Pentecost') and I've decided that in Germany, May is the best month ever because there are 3 bank holidays.


Oh, and. We signed a contract for an apartment in Schöneberg yesterday evening. I am very excited to move in next weekend :)