Future Landscapes


Christmas in Canada

 THE most important part of any winter in Canada: Candy-Cane Ice Cream.

THE most important part of any winter in Canada: Candy-Cane Ice Cream.

Good things about Canada:

> lots of time to paint and read! GUILT FREE because I am on holidays and finally have a job.

> radio Christmas commercials and the abundance of Christmas Carols.

> the existence of 1-866-WOW-DEAL

> movies in English

> I can tell cashiers with confidence that I don't want my receipt instead of giving an ambiguous head nod / roll without making eye contact because I don't understand the question.


Bad things about Canada:

> People still actually believe that putting a Canadian flag on your belongings while out of the country will get you massive goodwill wherever you go. 

> There are a frightening number of seemingly 'regular' people who truly think that light rail transit is a terrible idea and don't think that 'normal Canadians' will ever deign to take a train to work. Yeah... not with THAT attitude.

> People think that being an architect means attempting to build something that looks like nothing ever built before. That or copying exactly the house plans from 'dream home' magazine except adding a 'vaulted ceiling' for show.

> It is worse when you mention Landscape Architecture. Everybody and their goddamned dog know someone who is in 'landscaping' which is REALLY... not the same thing, even remotely. Ugh! Obviously!