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Live from Berlin

What is it like to live and work in the Hauptstadt? A Canadian designer’s unique perspective on finding work and having fun in Berlin.

January Frost

Frosty Grass.jpg

 Today I went into work, but they were having meetings all day so I got a day off instead. This worked out kinda nice because it is the first sunny day in a long time, and Jed is going to start working back at Nieto Sobejano next Monday. It's our last free time together during the week. So we decided to go for a walk to Viktoria Park. 

We are like REAL grown-ups now with jobs and professional looking satchels to carry our morning croissants and important architectural documents to work with! I get on the train with other people who have jobs and I have a purpose and I can finally understand the meaning of 'zurückbleiben bitte' when the doors open at the station. I can say 'Was machen Sie?' and 'Zwei Kaffee Bitte' and I know that 'entwurf' is design and 'wettbewerb' is competition and it is really, really exciting. 

I'm just so happy that we decided to come here... to stick it out through the tough months, and I hope we can stay long enough to feel at home.