Future Landscapes


Whoosh! There goes my will to live.

I biked 7 km to work in a white-out snowstorm that left me looking and feeling like the abominable snowman.

I worked for 12 hours and developed a frightening series of cracks and pops in my upper left shoulder from a long day of photoshop shortcuts.

I left work at 9:30 pm and missed the bus. I walked to the train station where I missed the train by 1 minute. The next train came 15 minutes later. The train stopped running 2 stations before mine because of construction work going on. I walked 40 minutes home. I got home at 10:45.

All that wouldn't have been so bad. But I had a realisation while at work. I think it was somewhere between being told that 3/5 of the existing 50 year old trees were being removed to make a 'better view' and the crowing claim that the perforated brass 'umbrella' was based on the historic patterns of Nuremberg's rooftops. Replacing actual history with invented history... never fails to break my will.

Anyways. I realised that my assumption that landscape architecture would be inherently more ecological and environmentally sensitive was a fabrication of my brain. It turns out that landscape architects are just as egotistical and presumptuous when it comes to blessing the world with their designs as architects. 

I cried when I got home. And today, I do it all again.