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Live from Berlin

What is it like to live and work in the Hauptstadt? A Canadian designer’s unique perspective on finding work and having fun in Berlin.

Park am Wasserturm

Sunny days... in autumn... in Berlin. Does it get any better? I think not.


Our neighborhood is Prenzlauer Berg, it has a reputation as the most yuppie district in Berlin but to be honest there are advantages to this... garbage collection on the streets being one. I mean there are only so many times that walking around decrepit sidewalks dodging glass in Kreuzberg is charming before it becomes mildly irritating. I loved living in Neukölln but so does every hipster in the world. Schöneberg would be ideal but to get a flat there you need to have lived there from 1940 onwards as everyone hangs on to their flats for ages. 


The moral of the story is: there are lots of worse places you could live then a gentrified/yuppie neighborhood in Berlin. And here are the photos to prove it.


By the way - did you know you can rent out a flat in the Wasserturm? Check it out on Airbnb.