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Holocaust Monument

Canada is the only allied nation without a holocaust monument in its capital. PUBLIC WORK was part of a shortlisted team with Wodiczko+Bonder for the international competition to design of the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa. The proposal evokes the Holocaust and its impact on the lives of Jews who were forced to flee from their lands and communities and who then found safe refuge and new life on Canadian soil.

The design proceeds through two fundamental, complementary gestures—exposure and immersion—which together create a layered, in-depth experience through which visitors discover and interpret both the history of the Holocaust and the memory of the events that drove its survivors to Canadian shores. In this working monument, the underlying bedrock is exposed in order to anchor new meanings, stories, and memories in which visitors can immerse themselves.

Role: Visualization + 3D Modelling (Perspectives)
Year: 2014
Status: Invited Competition, Finalist
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Project Team: Wodiczko+Bonder, Tillett Lighting Design Associates

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