Future Landscapes


Hi, I'm Stephanie. I am a designer and I love to create. Period.

I don't really fit categorically into a satisfying tag line, which makes for a confusing first impression at parties. I'm sort of an architect and sort of a landscape architect. I studied coding and front-end web development too, because I love web design, layout and typography. I also do photography semi-professionally and spend a not inconsiderable amount of time reading tomes on watercolor painting and creating "études" that accumulate in great piles.

I studied architecture and became obsessed with the design of the public realm while interning in Amsterdam in 2008. From then on I worked primarily on large-scale landscape + public space projects throughout my masters degree and into my career.

Having the privilege to work with some incredibly inspiring and driven people in CopenhagenBerlin and Toronto helped me become a designer who continually sees the potential for positive natural connections in urban spaces.

In my role as a designer I've been drawn to visualizing this potential in graphic images. While using traditional architectural representations like plan, section and perspective, I have always tried to imbue my visualizations with a potent sense of possibility without resorting to hyperrealism. It's important to me that my visualizations are both honest without dragging too much into reality and poetic without feeling unreal.

My passion for composing and presenting beautiful, compelling images has driven my interest in compositing, layout, typography and graphic design. I always try to cross-pollinate my skills and interests as I move forward as a designer



+250 785 923 615 (whatsapp)


I'm often found at Impact Hub in Kiyovu, or hanging around Kimihurura / Kacyiru. Let's have a drink!


actual titles

Arkitekt MAA
Danish Architecture Association

Bachelor of Environmental Design