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Operation Rescue Rwandog

 Well jeez. How to resist?

Well jeez. How to resist?

After years of desperately wanting a dog but not feeling like it was the right moment, our resistance has been totally worn away by a sweet little pup, and we're in way over our heads...


Within a few short days of my arrival, Jed pointed out a shy dog that was hiding in the bushes at night, right next to the gate of our friends' home where we're staying. During the day we found her hiding in the gutter under a little wood bridge, attempting to escape the taunts and torments of the local kids who tended to poke her or throw rocks. We began feeding her and it wasn't long before she was coming out of hiding to greet us every day, wagging her tail.

As soon as we could we got her a collar and tag, some frontline for tics and fleas, and found her a temporary home with one of Jed's colleagues until we get our own place. She's taken to domestic life like butter on rice. WAG, a local informal organization that tries to help stray dogs, has helped us get set up and provided great resources for vaccination, grooming, and behaviour therapy & training.


One hitch in the continuation of a happy life: she almost certainly has a contagious, transmittable venereal tumor (dog cancer). So, tomorrow I'm (hopefully) taking her up to see a special vet in Musanze who can treat her with chemotherapy. Cross your fingers for a swift recovery and no side effects...