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montpellier, if I can sneak it in before my computer dies

I'm losing battery power like nobody's business, and the staff here are unusually angry for French people. But what can you expect when you're using free wifi at McDonalds? Even if they did have a kit-kat mcflurry... hmph.

Good news: I had no more insect run-ins last night, though I did have a dream that a grasshopper was looking at me from a doorsill.

Montpellier is beautiful! So beautiful! I had a bit of a sad moment this morning when I discovered there are no such thing as luggage lockers. And my train for Paris doesn't leave until 11:30pm. I did find a museum, however, which had free luggage storage if you bought a ticket. The museum ended up having an excellent collection of Flemish art and Modern art anyways, so there you have it. 

I've walked around much of the old town and had coffee in a nice square overlooking one of the churches. It's really humid, but it's also quite cloudy so it's not unbearable. 

My question is, why is it assumed that people who visit other cities (avoiding use of the term 'tourist' here, on purpose) only want to shop for shoes and hair accessories? Shoes, hair accessories, yes, they are both very important things to have in abundance. I agree. But wouldn't you think there'd be more options on the streets? What if I wanted, I don't know, Candy?? More candy stores should be implemented, says I.

I'm down to 60% power already but I don't really have much to say. The city is beautiful! Oh yeah, said that. 

I'm hoping they don't go overboard on the AC in the train tonight. I hate AC with a fiery passion. No matter how hot it is, I can't stand cold air blasting on me. And the air always smells funny when it's been air conditioned. Maybe I should go look for some sleeping pills now, and then make my way to a less busy mcDonalds with plugs. 

Bon soir!